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Pumping Iron Bodies

Whether they’re from Miami, New York, L.A. California, Venice Italy or France, sexy female bodybuilders can be found all over the world laying out in the hot sun sporting their hard bodies in their thong bikinis, while men fall in love gawking in awe. These girls are feminine but some women think it’s too extreme and would rather possess a softer body to sport their sex appeal. Yet guys are turned on by a girl who takes care of her tight body, eats right, exercises and stays in shape.
Either way, men and women alike admire these fine bodies and take pleasure in talking about what they like about them and in some cases, what they love about these sexy ladies. While preferences vary from woman to woman, one thing everyone can agree on is it’s quite an admirable accomplishment. Eating right and making good lifestyle choices and plenty of self control are just some of secrets all of these ladies share in common.


Female bodybuilding can take the shape of mild to wild extreme, depending on how far she wants to push her limits. Some of these girls started off as tomboys and were heavily into sports well into their teen years, becoming increasingly more athletic in college, until finally they made the decision to go all out with their workout routine. While other girls started out more shy and feminine and when they reached their college coed years decided to take charge and build muscles and show off their unique accomplishments. Regardless of how they came to be a hard body girl, some decide that bigger is better and don’t stop once they’ve achieved strong arms, legs, abs, shoulders and back. It’s not enough for these women to have large muscles; they want to take it to the max and see just how big they can get. In both of these categories, huge and muscular or strong and tone, these ladies will choose whether they wish to remain feminine in their overall appearance or in some cases prefer to look masculine. They may cut their hair short to look boyish or they may choose to let their hair grow long to remain more womanly in looks.

Some men automatically assume that girls who are into weightlifting are more likely to be a lesbian or bisexual. While this is sometimes the case, many experts believe that the likelihood of these women being gay is the same as in the general population. Certainly its fodder for gossip among people watchers, and in some cases the men who admire them fantasize about these women joining their partners in a threesome. There is a mystique which surrounds these girls and it unleashes the imagination of those onlookers who secretly enjoy looking at their defined physiques. In some cases, men refrain from admiring these fine women because they are insecure about their own sexuality and feel that they are not as much of a man in their presence. This has less to do with the girl and reveals more about the guy’s frame of mind. Bodybuilder girls are sometimes aware of this and it can lead to insecurities which make them go out of their way to be more womanly. This could include running out and getting breast implants to look softer and suppler. It’s all part of the dance that is the human condition.

Other men are heavily into these strong girls and wish to be dominated by their superior strength. They look at pictures and videos on the internet depicting female bodybuilders in sexual situations. Many of these men enjoy female wrestling, whereby the girls are celebrating their prowess and sheik muscles. They may be submissive and fantasize about giving up control to a woman, or have other fetishes along those lines. It may only remain a secret fantasy or maybe even blossom into an acquired taste once they’ve been exposed to the images and videos. Men must be careful when making assumptions about a woman just because she is muscular, as she may not fit his preconceived notions in his mind, which can lead to her feeling misunderstood. All the while she is trying to work on her body and sculpt the perfect shape, only to be objectified and viewed sexually instead of as a whole person. This situation can occur with anyone outside of the weightlifting community and happens any time a person draws attention to themselves.


When people think of bodybuilding they often associate it with steroid use and other muscle enhancement drugs. While there are some people who engage in this type of shortcut muscle building, they eventually end up paying the price and ultimately have to stop taking these illegal substances. However, the vast majority of weightlifters are legit and workout the old fashioned way, through hard work and putting in many hours a day pumping iron. When people commit to spending several hours a day working out, this is respectable and deserves praise. It’s not only sexy but it’s admirable when a person can be in control of their own indulgences and keep track of the food and calories that go into their body. How many times do you hear people say, “I gotta start working out.” It’s universal for humans to want to be in the best shape possible, and strive to the best we can be to fulfill our maximum potential. For those people who are into bodybuilding, taking care of themselves is their path to reaching their maximum potential, and for that I applaud them.


The purpose of this website is to celebrate women who choose bodybuilding as a means to reach their maximum potential. There is beauty in their symmetry and the extra curves they create with their hard work. Sculpting their bodies and taking the time to make themselves look great is what it’s all about for these beautiful women. Yes it’s sexy and exciting and there are a lot of men waiting to see more female hard bodybuilders depicted in good taste. Men who respect these values wish to have a tasteful venue to view and talk about these wonder women. Women who know that their admirers are normal men in every sense of the word, who are not threatened by female muscles, want to share their beauty with these respectful men. This website will hopefully offer the perfect venue to both men and women who have a passion for bodybuilding. If you wish to have your picture posted on this site, please send an email to and we will display it proudly. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.

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